The laser diffraction particle size analyzer SALD-2300 is designed for measurements in the range of 17 nm to 2500 μm. Particle size analyzer SALD-2300 with accurate particle size measurement of today’s distribution is an important tool in quality control laboratories of electronics, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, paint and other industries. The main unit SALD-2300, depending on the object of analysis, is completed for the “dry” or “wet” measuring modules, and modules for analyzing highly concentrated samples.
Définitions de para-
Indicates the purpose of an action.
works for your own benefit; Why did you come? study to get the prize; I explain it to you so that you understand it; Ask the doctor for an appointment to visit you.
Indicates the utility, the destination or the use of something.
the fabric for a dress; the room for teachers; the pot for the pencils.
Prefix of Greek origin that enters the formation of names and adjectives with the meaning